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Your People are Everything.

The wellbeing and performance of your employees, together, is the wellbeing and performance of your organisation.  It's really that simple.

A landscape of rapid change and global uncertainty meets increased burnout, stress and rising mental health challenges. At the same time, workforces are competing for Talent and managing increased demands for culture, risk management and accountability.  


Traditional Employee Assistance Programs are not valued or utilised by the vast majority of employees. Intuitively, you understand that traditional solutions are no longer fit for purpose, and that your employees deserve so much more than the absence of being unwell. 

Until now, you've just never had a solution.

Better just got simpler.  

It doesn't matter if it is work or personal.  The desire to find balance, strengthen relationships, choose what deserves our focus, and keep thriving is in all of us.

Performance Story is one gateway with the best Psychologists, new generation assessments, and specialised Performance Coaches.  You can debrief a difficult day at work, prepare for a tough conversation, make better decisions or simply keep life in balance.  

Performance Story is a Partner who understands the complex challenges within and between people in the workplace and provides powerful, bite size learning and resources across every skill your people need.


How Your People Benefit

Pragmatic, expert suggestions to help with personal, family and professional life.

Personal and Professional performance uplift, because we know that you need to be ok, cared about, and supported with personal and home life, to perform well at work, be safe, and build extraordinary companies.

Personal Needs:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Physical Health

  • Communicating

  • Building Relationships

  • Resilience

Interpersonal & Team Needs:

  • Clarity & Focus

  • Communication

  • Conflict

  • CriticalThinking

  • High Performance Leadership

How Your Company Benefits

Taking the care and development of your team, people, and performance to the next level.


  • Weekly workforce wide learning and development through engaging, powerful content

  • Industry leading insights for personal and professional growth

  • Supporting compliance with Psychosocial Safety and Positive Duty requirements through:

  • Proactive Wellbeing Checks

  • Direct text a Psychologist

  • Confidential strategies

  • Access to a comprehensive, contemporary resource library

  • Added pay-per-use profiling support for comprehensive mental health and leadership; and 1-1 sessions

What's Included

YourStory Individual is perfect for individuals. YourStory Company, offers the YourStory (Individual) product to employees + Company features such as communications, company-wide check-ins, and stakeholder engagement.

+ Upfront Setup Fee
Paid once to determine goals, plan launch, brand materials, brief leadership and identify key initiatives through the year. 
Includes Relationship Manager, regular check-ins and usage reporting.

Your Story Individual
(a recurring subscription paid monthly per employee)

Stories & Actionable Insights

Our extensive experience delivers highly impactful  content in Psychology, Leadership and High Performance

  • Bite Sized development 

  • Exclusive Vlogs and Performance Insights

  • Weekly, actionable performance strategies

Wellbeing Checkin & Assessments

For when you want to take the next step but aren't sure where to start

  • Unlimited Check ins and Wellbeing Report

  • Additional Assessments and Profiling Insights
    (May be additional)

Micro Consultancy

Bridging the gap between just getting an article and having a coach. Someone to talk with you, chat, make suggestions and see and guide how you're tracking.

+ Optional Add-ons
As Needed or Agreed

30min + 60min Psychologist Sessions 1:1

Advanced Assessments for World class leadership 360 feedback, personality profiling, EQ + Debrief the results.

How It Works

Before We Begin

Contact Us

Receive a Custom Proposal

Sign Up

Getting Started

Relationship Manager Assigned

Meet to finalise Launch, Comms & Cadence

Your People receive an invitation to Login to YourStory Individual

Ongoing Support 

Review company wide usage trends

Custom events, materials, advice and check-in 

Access Assessments, Debriefs, Coaching & Psychology Sessions (according to contract)

Here's a glimpse

Let's Get Started

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