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About Us

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Our Story

Sometimes critical events or moments in our lives change how we see the world. At other times our direction is like a river formed from 100 tiny tributaries coming together. Performance Story is both.
In my 25 years as a Psychologist, coach, consultant, leader, and presenter, I've had tens of thousands of conversations with people at the most aspirational and painful points of their lives. Not much keeps me awake at night, but the constant thought that there must be a way to do better is one of them. 

Performance Story brings together the best collaborators, the best technology, and the best human beings I have ever been privileged to have worked alongside.   

We'd be delighted to talk with you about how we can make a difference to your performance story.

Meet Some of Our Team & Specialists

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Peta Slocombe

Founder & CEO

Peta is a highly regarded Psychologist, Coach and Consultant with extensive experience in mental health, human behaviour, culture and individuals and teams seeking to perform better, faster.


She a trusted advisor to global leadership teams, Creator of the World's Biggest Mental Health Check in, and has published internationally. 

For decades she has learnt from individuals and teams facing complex challenges - committed to more effective, sustainable solutions for being at our best.

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Brant Garvey

Brant is a father, husband and ex Olympian - and the first Australian above knee amputee to represent Australia in triathlon.


He specialises in individual and team coaching for resilience , grit, leadership and the 'no excuses mindset' moving beyond setbacks to set and achieve your greatest goals. 

Brant is a long time Ambassador for mental health and the importance of maintaining positive mental health to thrive. 

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Jenny Cole

Jenny is an experienced, highly regarded leadership specialist, trainer and coach.


Specialising in helping leaders lift to the next level, she is exceptional with difficult conversations, career goals and challenges, boundaries, women in leadership, team development and performance, and maintaining clarity. 

Jenny is an optimist, a  staunch advocate of positive psychology and a humble human who creates lasting change.

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Anna Antoine-Cooper

Anna is a highly regarded Psychologist with over 20 years experience. She has worked extensively in the fields of trauma, PTSD, gender diversity, sexual abuse, depression and anxiety to name a few, and is an Accredited Consultant with the Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprocessing Association of Australia (EMDR).

Anna conducts professional supervision in addition to 1-1 clinical work and has a deep appreciation for life 

Anna is a specialist consultant with Performance Story 

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Kate Eriksson

Kate has a unique experience blending professional and business performance, innovation and growth mindset, and technology - having worked in Australia, Sweden and Silicon Valley for some of the world's most well known companies.

She brings skills in innovation, whether problem solving or unlocking the power of your team.


Kate is Performance Story's Tech Advisor, a specialist in Health Tech for Executive stress and a sought after Coach for Founders.


A Network of Australia's Leading Coaches & Psychologists

Log in to our Members page to  book from  or speak, text or email our Concierge  for a needs analysis and recommendation.

Specialists include depression and anxiety, trauma, parenting, leadership, conflict, career growth, mindset, presentation and public speaking skills, relationships


Valued Partners include:


PBC provides customer-focused, evidence-based people solutions that enable organisations to develop key talent, build better teams, drive leadership capability, and enhance organisational performance.

PBC is the Australian Distributor of Hogan Assessments and the author of leading diagnostics, including entrepreneurial talent and safety climate.

For world class assessments & profiling


The world's first comprehensive mental health assessment tool. 

Clinicom helps clinicians assess 55+ possible mental health conditions efficiently with 94 proprietary algorithms.

Easy to use. Developed collaboratively by board-certified Psychiatrists, researchers, and computer scientists

For Specialist Mental Health diagnosis


helloEd is a health technology marketplace, bringing together the world's top health tech products. 

Performance Story accesses a dedicated collection for executive stress, including heart, breathing, performance, sleep, and chronic disease monitoring wearables or family help (eg. aging parents).

APAC Top 10 Digital Health Providers, 2021

For world class health tech

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