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When you have the courage to be better,
we think you deserve better.

Athletes have long understood the importance of psychology, whether during setbacks, preparing for events, or striving for unprecedented new heights.

It doesn't matter if it is work or personal.  The desire to find balance, strengthen relationships, choose what deserves our focus, and keep thriving is in all of us.

Performance Story is one gateway with the best Psychologists, new generation assessments, and specialised Performance Coaches.  You can debrief a difficult day at work, prepare for a tough conversation, make better decisions or simply keep life in balance.  

Generic workshops, standard professional development, and traditional Employee Assistance Programs aren’t for you.  Experience, accessibility the responsiveness of a high touch partner is.
Plant Mirror Reflection

When you're

Improving home life

How we support You

  • We warmly onboard you and take the time to understand what's important.
  • Personalise your plan
  • Ensure access from wherever you are, on any device.
  • Offer text chat, phone, and video - depending on what suits you that day
  • Match your specific needs to specialist coaches and psychologists.
  • Have leading global assessments, from Leadership to Complex Mental Health.
  • Provide practical insights, strategies & resources.

How it works

  • 12-month subscription partnership.

  • Onboarding and goals session to understand needs and collate kick off resources 

  • 6 sessions with specialists of your choice

  • Opt in, proactive Check ins

  • Unlimited access to our same-day dedicated PsychChat.  Text a Psychologist with a question, advice, or strategies

  • Resource Library & monthly tips and strategies to your inbox.

Want to know more?

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