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Leadership Team 

You don't win alone.  That's just how it is.

It is rarely a lack of technical capability or even experience that is behind teams not maximising potential. 

Goal clarity, focus, communication, self awareness, and comfort with difficult conversations have to be right within people, before they can be mastered as a team.  
 They are the foundation of better collaboration, innovation, decision making and agility in the face of change, and teams are not born with it.  Leaders are under utilisers of Employee Assistance Programs, and it has been a long time since generic leadership workshops met their needs. 

Whether you are forming, outperforming your competitors, or facing performance or personality challenges, how your team performs together is your most critical differentiator.

We believe your team deserves the best of science, technology and humanity to uplift your leaders, and your team, to an entirely new level.

Plant Mirror Reflection

When you're

Managing Performance

How We Support You...

  • We take the time to understand individual and team goals.
  • We utilise globally recognised insights to identify the best place to focus
  • We design and deliver an individualised 1-1 Leadership Coaching program 
  • Our team and services are accessible from wherever you are, on any device like an insourced, dedicate team member would.
  • Text chat, phone, and video - depending on personal preference
  • We optimise goal achievement with Team Coaching
  • Provide global assessments, from Leadership to Complex Mental Health.
  • Give you practical insights, strategies & resources.

What's included...

  • 12-month subscription partnership.  POA

  • Initial onboarding session, goal assessment + personalised plan with curated resources

  • Individual and Team Coaching Sessions 

  • Leadership profiling 

  • Annual session bundles with a Coach or Psychologist 

  • Unlimited access to our same-day dedicated PsychChat.  Text a Psychologist with a question, advice, or strategies

  • Resource Library & monthly tips and strategies to your inbox.

"Using data insights to decide the best focus point, combining them to understand the team, and  then having the coaching support to deliver exactly what we needed to meet our strategy."

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