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As a leader, the biggest predictor of mental health and wellbeing culture in your workforce, is You.

What if we told you 4 unequivocal fact around the psychology of leaders?
  • Attitudes and engagement by leaders with mental health and wellbeing services, is the biggest predictor of organisational culture. Lip service doesn't cut it, and services are not for 'others' 
  • 86% of senior leaders say mental health and wellbeing is a top 3 priority
  • Less than 1% of leaders use their current organisational offerings, in spite of stress, burnout and life balance challenges at an all time high.
  • Leadership has never been more loaded on human factors. Focus, judgement, decision making, interpersonal communication, workplace relationships, how stress is managed, life balance. 
Psychological health and performance of leaders is now the biggest differentiator of success  - the human advantage. If you are not using it yourself, it's lip service.  If you're not measuring it, you're not changing it.
Plant Mirror Reflection

When you're

Wanting to change

How it works

  • Leaders receive a personalised link to an Executive Wellbeing Checkin, assessing wellbeing and goals such as focus, balance, sleep quality, anxiety, burnout and resilience levels
  • 1-1 Video Debrief of results
  • Each person receives a confidential, customised report with curated resources to achieve their personal and professional goals and next steps.
  • 2 hour leadership Team Session - Presenting a new way of skilling, leading and caring for their own and their team's wellbeing, including individual high performance strategies to thrive *(N/A for Individual Package)
  • Follow up 1 hour coaching/performance session for each team member.  
Team Meeting



Individual Package for Executives or Leaders to get started*

$550 + GST

Small Team

Team package for Executive or Leadership Teams of up to 9 people

$3,500 + GST

Large Team

Team package for Executive or Leadership Teams of more than 10 people


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