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Assessments & Profiling Reports

At Performance Story, we believe the most effective and efficient way to meet your performance goals is through the use of data to maximize insights.  


We've partnered with some of the world’s leading assessment creators - adding our team’s expertise in analytics and helpful conversations to provide a seamless service.

Whether you want to perform better under pressure, lead more strategically, negotiate or relate better; or perhaps you can't put your finger on improving irritability, focus, or sleep.

Browse the reports and let us know in the Chat or Contact Us which are of interest.  We'll chat with you if you're not sure, organize the profile, and set up a Debrief.

1. Global Mental Health Assessment Tool. 

This is a free check-in to pulse-check your well-being at any time.  The tool is used globally, co-written with Jacobs and Performance Story's Founder. 

What Next? Go to  One Million Lives and select the Full Check-in (5mins).  You'll receive your assessment results right away. 

Performance Story members can schedule a call to talk through the insights, and next steps.


2. Clinicom Mental Health Assessment

If you are seeking more in-depth insights into a concern you have, this is the one of the most advanced global Mental Health Assessment Tools, helping to quickly diagnose more than 55 conditions, saving days and weeks of time, reducing misdiagnosis, and ensuring we can find the most effective solutions for you.

What next? Click the link to learn more. If you're interested, let us know you'd like the 'Clinicom' assessment in the form below, and we'll be in touch with what's next. 


Hogan Assessments

Hogan uses he robust science of personality assessment to support organisations is selecting the right people, developing talented employees, building great leaders, and impacting the bottom line.  Grounds in more than four decades o validated research, Hogan's assessments were the first to measure personality for business scientifically.

Performance Story has a close partnership with Hogan Assessments.  Browse the types of reports available here, and let us know what's of interest, or chat with us to ask our advice or take the next steps 

Leadership & Development

Browse options,  fill out the form, or ask for our recommendations.

Contact us tday.

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