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When you're..

You are a company, peak body, or leader that understands that traditional leadership, mental health, and wellbeing programs haven’t kept pace with contemporary needs.  They deserve one gateway for personal or professional,  juggling or struggling,  developing or outperforming.

You understand the power of teams who are well, focused, and motivated, and expect accessible, agile,  human  solutions, from their partners  in the same way your clients expect it from you. You answer interview questions from candidates  about balance, culture and development in a way your competitors cannot.

It's why you are leading and you want to stay that way.

Your people are everything.

The wellbeing and performance of your employees, together, is the wellbeing and performance of your organisation.  It's really that simple.

A landscape of rapid change and global uncertainty meets increased burnout, stress and rising mental health challenges. At the same time, workforces are competing for Talent and managing increased demands for culture, risk management and accountability.  Traditional Employee Assistance Programs are not valued or utilised by the vast majority of employees.

Intuitively, you understand that traditional solutions are no longer fit for purpose, and that your employees deserve so much more than the absence of being unwell. 

Until now, you've just never had a solution.
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How we Support you..

  • Proactive Check-ins with your employees, with short opt in debriefs and personalised resources to get in front of stress
  • We provide highly skilled Psychologists and Coaches - whether you're thriving or surviving
  • We have comprehensive mental health and leadership assessments to drop a pin on how we can best meet your needs ​
  • We're accessible from wherever you are, on any device.
  • Text chat, phone, and video - depending on personal preference
  • Practical insights, strategies & monthly resources.

What's included

  • 12-month subscription partnership.  POA


  • Initial onboarding session, goal assessment + personalised plan with curated resources​​

  • Hand selected assessment if required, to increase insight.

  • 6 sessions with specialists of your choice, as the need arises.

  • Unlimited access to our same-day PsyChat - ask our Psychologists a question, advice, or strategies without having to book a session


  • Resource Library & monthly tips and strategies to your inbox.


Next Steps

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