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Why It's Time

To write a new chapter

The Situation Today

Welcome to the future. 


We live in a time of unprecedented change,  stress, loneliness and sleep disruption.   


But we also live in a time of unprecedented insight, knowledge, science and technology to help us live healthy, happy, purposeful lives - focused on what matters. 


The challenges are not new, but there is compelling new evidence that we can do better.


At Performance Story we are optimistic that you deserve nothing less.  


The time for psychologists being exclusively for those who are struggling has long passed. Athletes know it. Leaders know it. 


Hundreds of thousands of data points every day vie for our attention and a significant shift towards remote and hybrid work models has redefined the boundaries of work-life balance.   


At Performance Story, we believe resources for being an employee or a leader; a partner or a parent, and resources for whether you are surviving or thriving, should be one service.  


 You only have one story. We are here to help you write it.

For Individuals

There’s a lot in life that is precious.


Family, relationships, personal and career growth,  and the feeling of achieving the goals we have set our hearts and minds to.  


Yet for most of us, life also has moments of overwhelm. More than 50% of us will experience depression, anxiety or another diagnosable mental health disorder at some point during our lives. Many will go unrecognised leading to life feeling a lot harder than it should be.   


At Performance Story, we know we can’t make the tough parts go away. In fact, we understand they are often what makes us stronger.  


We can give you the right resources, information and support to be the best you can be.  Our team are here to help with proactive check-ins and concrete strategies delivered through real world stories.  


It is the best of us, dedicated to bringing out the best in you. 

For Companies and The Workplace

74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in their well being (Gallup, 2022).

38% of workers report high or very high levels of psychological distress in the ‘last 4 weeks’.

67% of employees agree they have access to mental health support in the workplace, with only 7% reporting utilisation of these services.

 A recent World Economic Forum (2023) report highlights


 "Employees no longer see work and life as separate, demanding support for their whole selves from their employers”.

Organisations globally are faced with increased absenteeism, elevating stress claims, low engagement and high turnover.  Added to this are recent changes to managing psychosocial hazards,  and positive duty requirements compelling organisations to act proactively.   Ultimately, employers are challenged more than ever to transform the way they think about wellbeing.


Performance Story provides full spectrum resources,  workforce wide learning and development opportunities, and high performance tips to super-charge focus, concentration, collaboration, feedback and powerful conversations at work and at home. 


Your time is precious.


Performance Story is an end to end solution to reduce and improve ‘below the line’ challenges, whilst ensuring the rest of your workforce has the skills and resources to soar.

As a leader, the biggest predictor of the mental health and wellbeing culture in your workforce, is You.

What if we told you 4 unequivocal fact around the psychology of leaders?
  • Attitudes and engagement by leaders with mental health and wellbeing services, is the biggest predictor of organisational culture. Lip service doesn't cut it, and services are not for 'others' 
  • 86% of senior leaders say mental health and wellbeing is a top 3 priority
  • Less than 1% of leaders use their current organisational offerings, in spite of stress, burnout and life balance challenges at an all time high.
  • Leadership has never been more loaded on human factors. Focus, judgement, decision making, interpersonal communication, workplace relationships, how stress is managed, life balance. 
Psychological health and performance of leaders is now the biggest differentiator of success . It's the human advantage.
If you are not using it yourself, it's lip service.  If you're not measuring it, you're not changing it.

The Problem we're solving

What if we..

Portrait of a Young Man


  • Delivered powerful stories and strategies to your inbox to strengthen partner, parenting and extended family relationships

  • Provided tips to balance life, focus and energy - ensuring it’s where it’s needed at any given time

  • Supported you with micro consultancy on things like communication with kids, managing financial stress, job changes or health challenges.


  • Helped you manage conflict and thrive with difficult conversations

  • Helped you get through challenges and manage expectations

  • Helped you better communicate and bring out the best in your team

  • Supported you to get you in the right mindset for important events or meetings

Mental Health

  • Checked in with you through regular one click mental health checks and delivered customised strategies to your inbox.

  • Sent weekly insights and new developments in mental health and wellbeing

  • Provided complex mental health assessments, GP correspondence and referral support

  • Were on hand for text and video to answer your questions and support such as “How can I stop procrastinating?”

  • Delivered practical tips and strategies for staying well

  • Gave you access to a comprehensive resource library

High Performance

  • Checked in on your goals, and provided strategies for work, home and personal success

  • Helped lift your focus, productivity, decision making and negotiation skills with practical tips from industry leaders

  • Identified and helped remove barriers to performance

  • Helped you build emotional intelligence, growth mindset, psychological safety, critical conversations and high performing teams

The Outcomes You'll See

"Your Story by Performance Story" differentiates itself in the crowded space of workplace well-being and performance enhancement platforms through a unique blend of personalized storytelling, comprehensive mental health support, and performance enhancement tools. 

For Individuals

  • Improved Performance (clarity and focus with actionable ideas)

  • Reduced stress (solution focussed, resources, and 'Psych Chat')

  • Stronger relationships (managing conflict and expectations, communication)

  • Greater sense of achievement (goal setting and purpose)

  • Improved Wellbeing (including tips for sleep, breathing, fitness and health tech support)

For Companies

  • Attract & Retain Talent (with a new approach to supporting employees through Your Story)

  • Reduced absenteeism, incidents and safety due to poor mental health

  • Improved performance (through clarity, working on needs and high performance support)

  • Uplift to culture (through company materials, check-ins, and support)

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