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We bring together Performance, Mental Health & Wellbeing for happier, healthier, and higher-performing individuals, teams, and companies.

It's our offering, for Your Story.

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Welcome to Performance Story. 
You deserved this earlier.

Athletes have always understood the power of psychology. We think you do too.


In a complex, fast paced and uncertain world we are not thrivers or survivors, we are all, at some time, both.  


Work and personal lives are no longer separate.   Mental health will be a challenge for all, not some, of us - and the ability to deal with setbacks, focus, motivate and inspire ourselves and others is, unarguably, the new hallmark of success. 


If it was ever appropriate to separate mental health, leadership and high performance services through 3 different gateways, that time has passed.

We've learnt that both wellness and excellence need to be deliberate choices.


It's our Why?, and its what you deserve.

Better Leader. Partner. Parent. Team. 
Better Performance Story.

1 in 4

Suffer from a  common mental health disorder


Increase in engagement when managers are  inspiring


Employees utilise their employers' current mental health programs


Av cost per annum for disengaged employees

Performance Story proudly launches YourStory

One place to go.

Respond to a complex environment that no longer differentiates between work and personal lives.

Individuals or teams.

Thriving or surviving.

Human. Powered by Data, Science & Technology

World class leadership and mental health profiles, with the best of technology, delivered through a deeply human intersection.

Learn, Chat or Video 

Accessible when and how you need it. Ask a question, get advice or request a topic.

Access to powerful tips and resources.

Opt in Coaching + Counselling

Experiences clinical, corporate and high performance psychologists and coaches when you need more support, in depth development or want to reach higher. 

A service that supports you when, where and how you need it. 

When you want to be better, we think you deserve better.

High Performance

Mental Health

  • Stress

  • Relationships

  • Wellbeing

  • Lead

  • Inspire

  • Thrive


  • Clarity & Focus

  • Communicate

  • Culture

  • Perform


  • Presence

  • Family & Friends

  • Sleep

  • Fitness

A professional subscription based service for Individuals & Companies that's ahead of its time.

When and how you need it.

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Book 1:1 sessions *

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Book 15-30-60min sessions with our experienced Psych's & Coaches

* Additional fee

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Help is most impactful at the time you need it.

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Video Course & Events

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Proven to help enlighten and reframe outcomes.

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Welcome & Onboarding

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To help you get the most from Your Story.

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Wellbeing Check in

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A custom report and guidance

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Fresh & Exclusive Content

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From professionals - actionable stories, articles & videos.

What you'll experience

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Ask a Question or Request a Topic

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Want something? Share your thoughts, tell us what you need. Request a call.

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Team, Culture & Leadership

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Be supported with resources, materials, keynotes or events that change culture & performance.

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World Leading Assessments *

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We offer world leading mental health, behaviour, coaching & leadership assessments for data & insights. *Additional cost.

* May be additional cost depending on your subscription

Get Started

A world-class team of Psychologists, Coaches, Critical Thinkers & Technologists with experience in Individual, Family & Corporate and Executive roles, delivering positive and actionable content. 

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Your Story Individual

Perfect for individuals.  A monthly subscription to access resources, assessments, and engage with us whether you are thriving or surviving. 

Your Story Company

Perfect for Companies or Groups or Peak bodies. It's a proactive, new generation uplift at the click of a button, driving Company wide development, with benefits that reimagine Culture, Wellbeing and Performance.

Your Story Pro

A full service offering from high performance to cutting edge mental health, combining the above services with and 1:1 sessions and the full spectrum of EAP services.

Some of our Topics

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Family & Relationships

  • Life transition

  • Financial

  • Communication

  • Clarity & Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Focus & Productivity

  • Team Building

  • High Perfomance

  • Leadership

  • Culture, Resilience, Mental Health & Psychological safety

  • Executive Teams, Culture, Vision & Strategy

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