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Welcome to 

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Mental Health, Performance & Leadership

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Welcome to Performance Story

Leadership, high-performance psychology & mental health solutions to meet people at every stage of their performance story.

It's our offering, for your Performance Story.

When you want to be better, we think you deserve better.

Better Leader.
Better Partner.
Better Parent.
Better Team.
A Better Performance Story.

We live in a complex, fast-paced, and uncertain world.  It's not intuitive to have 3 separate gateways for mental health, leadership, and performance when we have needs across all these elements at the same time.

From performing well at an important client or team meeting to being present with your family, managing anxiety, or making more agile decisions, Performance Story leverages digital technology, data and analytics to optimise performance, just like you're expected to.

Why Performance Story?

One place to go for leadership, mental health and high performance.

Outcomes that benefit business, leadership, team & individual 

World leading assessments, reports, and resources for better insights.

Seamless accessibility to text, voice or video from your nearest device.

Who We Work with

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Business workers talking

A transformative partnership for our team, meeting complex, varying needs in a single service.

Industry best, and our people know it. 

The partnership has led to a massive uplift for our leaders 

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